chARTerbus / gibca extended 2019

chARTerbus / gibca extended 2019


Sunday 15 september 9.00 - 18.00

Welcome on board! This roundtrip will take us from the city of Gothenburg whirling through the region of Sjuhärad, with stops in Bollebygd - Rydal - Uddebo and back.

We will let posthuman perspectives, waters, broken links, digital links, and bats bring us out of the center of GIBCA and lead us to some centres of its periphery.

Enjoy an artist talk on the bus, an exhibition in the artist-run gallery Boy Konsthall, a workshop in the historical industrial building of Rydal Museum by the river of Viskan, lunch, a guided tour and coffee and presentation on a communal farming field in the village of Uddebo. And more!

(Bring headphones and sensible shoes you don’t mind getting dirty!)

Pre-booking required! We hope you have already booked your ticket on

The event is free of charge. Vegetarian lunch and coffee included.


9.00 Departure from Stora Teatern, Göteborg 

10.00 - 11.00 Bollebygd (opportunity to hop on here)

11.30 - 14.00 Rydal 

15.00 - 16.30 Uddebo

16.30 - 18.00 Return trip via Bollebygd to Göteborg (Stora Teatern)


About the organisers

Art Center Sjuhärad is a collaborative project with support from the Borås region. The project works for a vibrant cultural life in Sjuhärad, where knowledge and resources are shared. Art Center Sjuhärad consists of Boy Art Hall, Future Utopia Community Key Non-profit association, International Weaving Center Sjuhärad, New Circus Festival Rydal and Rydal’s Museum.

chARTerbus is part of the satellite program GIBCA Extended 2019, a program that brings together the local and regional art life in Västra Götaland during GIBCA 2019. A framework for galleries, art halls and curatorial platforms to use GIBCA’s themes as a springboard and create their own programs and exhibitions.


Broken links and external hard drives

Ida Brockmann

Artist talk on the bus

Exhibition at Boy konsthall

Ida Brockmann relates to items in her everyday surroundings, often the very thing in front of her. A hairbrush, a phone, toothpaste, money, a stone on the beach. In what is otherwise considered trivial, she sees layers of information about culture, history, power, value and other structures implicit in society. She investigates how our relations to objects are determining our perception of reality. By altering objects and intervening in the conceptions of them, she challenges our way of seeing.

In this exhibition, Brockmann focuses on life in a highly digital world. She looks at the concepts of the digital, both as something abstract and concrete and investigates their impact on perception.

Ida Brockmann (born 1991) lives in Copenhagen. She completed her bachelor’s degree in fine art at the Valand Academy, Göteborg, in 2019.

Boy konsthall is a space for contemporary art in Bollebygd. The space hosts exhibitions, workshops, talks, an artist run shop for crafts and jewelry and an artist in residence program were artists are invited to develop their work with Bollebygd as a backdrop. 


Skimmer och härvor i Viskadalen

Lunch, presentation and Workshop with Thomas Laurien och Theo Ågren at Rydal’s Museum

The process-based project “Skimmer och härvor” in Viskadalen has a posthumanist perspective, which means more than just the interests of people are given attention. Viskan (river), together with animals, plants and other actors in the environment, are examined as subject and not as object. Thomas Laurien and Theo Ågren ask questions and with art as a tool they explore how Viskan and that which is connected to it is doing today - but also how the future may be.

Thomas Laurien is a designer and teacher / researcher and Theo Ågren is active as an artist and teacher. Both are employed by the School of Design and Crafts in Gothenburg.


The Bats perspective

Guided tour to Uddebo community on the bus, online, with local biologist Oskar Kullingsjö

Harvest time

Coffee, presentation and working in the fields of Uddebo Samodling

September is harvest time and time for preparation for the coming season. Samodlingen (the community garden), a grassroots project in the village of Uddebo, works towards knowledge distribution, the development of growing methods and an increase in the degree of local self-sufficiency. It is a meeting place for social interaction. Future Utopia Community Key, in collaboration with Samodlingen invite you to share the experience of working in the field, and its immaterial values. In connection to this, guests will also be offered an insight into the past season’s program of Future Utopia Community Key; an artist run platform that wants to link interactions between artistic, practical, scientific and humanist research in order to ask questions around sustainable cultures in the countryside.

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