THANK YOU for participating in IECES 2018

THANK YOU for participating in IECES 2018

We would like to thank you all for your participation in the very first IECES / anti-symposium 2018 - The International Encounters of Community and Environmental Sociology. This very first pilot edition is now over and we believe to continue with the second edition next year.
It was a real pleasure to meet everyone here in Uddebo while exchanging ideas and having conversations with all of you, and also witnessing the raising of new friendships and maybe also future collaborations. Hopefully, you had a non-productive time in Uddebo over the 4 days retreat that matched your expectations.
We would also like to thank the community of Uddebo with all those that has participated, helped and contributed: Caroline Bergmann, Johannes Bergström, Claes Blixt, Gustav Bodell, Mathilda Finnstedt and Gunnar Svedberg, Elias Grind Isaac, Johannes Grundén, Ann-Mari Gustavsson, Anna Höglund, Erik Hårdstedt,Eva Hårdstedt, Sacha Leuenberger, Peder Johansen, Stina Kajaso, Tommy Knyckare, Janne Kemi and Karin Rehnström & family, Simon Karström, Heiki, Tora Siri Mollskoga, Magnus Nilsson, Elin Pettersson, Marita Pahlén, Karolina Pahlén, Lasse Rusk, Eyal Shachar, Johan Schöblom, Kerstin Sylwan & family, Johan Zetterquist, Linnea Rosenqvist, Sarah Åkergren, Marie Hållander, Frida Hållander and many more that we cant come up with names.
Our sponsors and partners: Iaspis, Spanish Embassy in Stockholm, Studiefrämjandet, Kultur Tranemo Kommun, Gula Huset, Talleröd.
Last but not least thanks goes to all of those that has been helping behind the curtains (editing, designing, proofreading, takeing pictures, printing, consulting etc) and without whom the project would simply not happen: Eva Barrios Ramos, Frédérique Bellec, Aurelia Garova, Johanna Gustavsson, Veronika Kopacikova, Juan Ochoa-Echevarria, Nicholas Norton, MaryClaire Pappas, Wahel Surur.
Thank you!

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