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Future Utopia Community Key (FUCK) is an Artist in Residence (AiR) program run by Martinka Bobrikova, Oscar de Carmen and Linnea Larsson.

Oscar de Carmen

Oscar de Carmen is a spanish artist based in Oslo. Since 2005 his artistic work is developed in a joint practice with the Slovakian artist Martinka Bobrikova. Currently operating mostly in Scandinavia, he centres his activities mainly on the border of art and current topics of contemporary life where the main theme is related to transitory and utopian. His vision is to show an analysis of the synergy between the economic system and the biological community. He believes that this context is emerging as one of the few exchanging environments to promote social transformation.

His approach allows him to critically investigate our roots and social habits, questioning the mechanisms and contexts which creates the current systems of values.

His implementation takes the form of performative installations, where the aesthetic aspect of his work cannot be ignored even though it remains, in terms of systems of the art world, always a bit elusive and constantly slipping away from the current “real” life.

He hold MFA from Malmö Art Academy, Sweden.

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Martinka Bobrikova

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Linnea Larsson

She was born in Eskilstuna 1980 to a saxophone playing socialist nurse and a writing anarchist socialist welder, both active in international solidarity movements and local community projects. Linnéas main obstacle in career is her reluctance to hierarchical structures and preference towards emancipation. She is a selfproclaimed autodidact artist with a strange biography that leads to a fusion of maybe-titles thrown into a hat, from which we could pick a choice.

She landed on the rooftop of a squat in Zürich, where creating a collective life was entwined with culture, art, architecture and politics outside the box, d.i.y. She became involved in houseprojects focused on women/lesbian/trans-issues and studied social anthropology.

She returned to Sweden as an Uddebo inhabitant since 2016.

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