Egle Oddo in Uddebo / nov 2018

Egle Oddo in Uddebo / nov 2018

Egle Oddo is exploring the surroundings and meeting people on her pre-residency-visit.

Notes on her stay in Uddebo, first trip in November 2018:

“I found the landscape familiar as I am living in Finland. This was setting my mood comfortably, and I met several local people who opened their process generously for me.
I saw a wide diversity of interests, everybody seems busy and intense. When I was asked what I will do here as an artwork, I told quite frankly that I don’t know yet at this point. I have interest for seeds, for relational and process based art, performance, site-specific and site-responsive projects. I can meet, feel and observe in this initial stage. I had the possibility to participate some activities that were going on: clean garlic with Rebecca, Ann-Mari, and Elin; look after the little puppy of Pontus adapting to her new family at Tora’s place; visiting a possible studio room with Ida; enjoying the conversation with Gustav and Tom in their studio; biking in the evening frost; participating a set of contact improvisation with Sara, Mauritz and Johan; interviewing Caroline; drinking coffé with Pieter; eating food and chatting away with Linnea; visiting Liv and Kalle in their factory. And tonight I will go to the Cultural Kitchen, an occasion for meeting and conversing in a convivial frame. Uddebo seems a place with a specific peace, a rhythm flowing from within its picturesque river and its voice. I have the impression that a rich diversity can find shelter and thrive here.”

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